While attending Shoreline Community College for a degree in Visual Communications Technology: Animation/Video for Multimedia, I was involved in the VCT Club. At the end of spring quarter every year the club hosts a portfolio show to showcase work from students in the various VCT programs. I volunteered to edit together a video reel to show all the submitted student videos in one place. In 2019 the portfolio show was presented at Shoreline City Hall and remained on display to the public for the summer months. At the opening we were able to utilize the City Council Chambers to project the video on a big screen with chairs provided for an audience to gather, sit, and enjoy.

I incorporated the poster advertising the show into the video and manipulated the graphics with After Effects. I created the motion graphics for the titles and the introductions to each student's video. Shown above is the intro sequence and example of a student and video introduction.
After Effects
Premiere Pro

Below is the intro graphic I designed for my personal reel that I had on display at my booth at the opening.
If you would like to watch the reel I presented at the show, you can view it below.
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