This lighthearted and fun commercial for Itch Eeze, a made-up product, started with a school assignment for a 3D character and grew from there. I designed the boy in Maya and then as part of my self directed project I began teaching myself Cinema 4D. I made the trees, environment and swarm of bees in C4D. I utilized Mixamo for some of the boy's movement and created this animation. Musical jingle and narration is by Johnny Mendoza. I recorded my twin five year old cousins singing the song with the help of their parents and just had a fun time putting this project together.
Cinema 4D
Premiere Pro
As part of the final presentation for this class, we had to teach something we learned during the course of our self guided project to the rest of the class. We were given the option to record at home to edit for time, so below you will find my video presentation of how to create a swarm of bees in Cinema 4D.
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